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Thank you very much for choosing Best Coast Epoxy Coatings in Murrieta, CA and taking the time to read what we are all about. Best Coast Epoxy Coatings in Murrieta, CA is different in many ways from other companies. First of all we are not a franchise. I am the owner and I do every residential job myself and commercial jobs with my crew because I care about workmanship and quality. It’s not about how many franchises I can sell and how much. For me it’s all about quality and one job at a time. Second of all I have more testimonials than any other company which speaks highly for what Quality Epoxy is all about. We use state of the art product from the most renown manufacturers in epoxy coatings. We are the only company that uses 5/8″ chips on our granite chip floors with the highest solid count on our Polyurethane top coat which results in a nice glass finish. My name is Ryan Pepple and I am the founder / president. I am the only person who you will speak to whether it’s on the phone, through email or in person. Please visit our website and product page to see what our finished product looks like.

Watch out for garage cabinet companies that say they do epoxy floor coating. Stick with a floor coating company Best Coast Epoxy Coatings in Menifee, CA that specializes in floor coating and that’s all they do such as Best Coast Epoxy Coatings in Lake Elsinore, CA. When you hire a garage cabinet company to get your floors coated, they either do one of two things: try to do it themselves with no skills and knowledge of prep, products, durability and what chemicals are resistance to what product. Or,they will sub it out to a floor coating company, but with that you will pay more because of the profit the garage cabinet company wants to make off the referral.

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I know that it can be very frustrating to figure out which company to use, what kind of product, chip sizes, what you are really getting for your money, warranty, and so on. So I have put together some helpful information for you to consider when you are shopping around for an epoxy floor coating company Best Coast Epoxy Coatings in Murrieta, CA.

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