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At Best Coast Epoxy Coatings we are dedicated to epoxy floor transformations. This means that we create the most polished and innovative ideas and designs for your home, garage, or business. We install amazing epoxy floors that are not just beautiful but also highly durable and resistant to chemicals and spillages.

Our chemical-resistant coating will save you money on cleaners and fixes while lasting for years to come and remaining a professional floor space that adds value to your home or business. We work towards being the best California Epoxy flooring company. We serve many different locations in California.

Our team of epoxy flooring installers consists of highly experienced staff with years of expertise in the industry. We use 100% solids, Arizona Polymer Epoxy Flooring which is a top-of-the-line material application and far beyond anything you would self-purchase at a home improvement store like your local Home Depot or Lowe’s.

Within our standard 3-day process, you can transform a dull, forgettable floor space into a custom-designed long lasting epoxy finish. Imagine that! You can create the look of your dreams within days, thanks to our professional application and installation process. Ready to use by day 4, we carry a 10-year warranty on our uniform epoxy flooring.

The best part of ‘Best Coast Epoxy Coatings’ is our customer support. You are not alone in this. Our epoxy installers will guide you, advise you, and be with you every step of the way. Imagine how much the floor of your dreams will be transformed by a professional Epoxy application. Shiny beautiful Epoxy garage floors will enhance the beauty of your cars as well.

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Why Choose Best Coast Epoxy Coatings?

  1. Our 10-Year Warranty.
  2. Quality of Arizona Polymer Flooring and 100% Solids. Competitors often stiff their clients by using thin water-based epoxies. We use the strongest type of Epoxy created from 100% solids, which is far more durable. The chips we use are uniform and create a polished, expensive look for an affordable price.
  3. Customer Service and Satisfaction.
  4. We happily receive many referrals from happy clients and hope you give us one too!
  5. Ease Of Payment: We accept all major credit cards, cash, checks, and Paypal (Paypal may require an additional fee).
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