Can I Put Epoxy Flooring In My Garage?

Many people want to reinvent and transform their garage space and wonder if Epoxy is the right material for their needs. The answer to whether or not Epoxy Flooring is a good choice for their garage is almost always a resounding, yes! Epoxy gives a commercial or residential garage the shine and appeal of a showroom. Anyone who has chosen Epoxy before continues to think of it as the best floor cover they’ve ever purchased.

Rather than ask if you can use Epoxy Flooring Services in your space, a better question is why all home or work garages aren’t created with Epoxy in the first place! If you compare Epoxy Floors vs Polished concrete, an epoxy floor is strong, more attractive, and durable than concrete or other commonly used surfaces like acrylic. Epoxy has other uses besides garage flooring, but its commercial or residential use in garages is one of its top uses and the most popular. It can cover over small cracks and visual imperfections in the concrete. It removes the dust that is a frequent side effect of cement floors. Weather resistant, the flooring can also be made to be slip resistant should you live or work in wet or cold surfaces.

Having an experienced installer is important for the application to set properly. The Epoxy surface is created by a chemical reaction between the epoxide resin and polyamine hardener. The hardener contributes to Epoxy’s chemical change and strength.

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epoxy garage floor

Epoxy is not a one-size, style, or color-fit product. There are custom blends of colors, designs, and even texturized floors. Epoxy is not the same as latex paint. There is a difference between Epoxy and floor paint. It has a superior look, and application, and resists paint, chemicals, dirt, water, grease, and more. Just about everything you do in a garage will be safe and able to be cleaned off your Epoxy Flooring.

Preparing for an application requires a clean, well-scrubbed surface so the Epoxy coverage is well bound. Give your garage and yourself the gift of a professionally installed Epoxy Floor in San Diego!

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