Can You Put Epoxy On Wood Floors

You can use an epoxy coating on any type of surface including wood floors. But, the epoxy products that you use for concrete floors and wood floors should be different. You also need additional materials to make sure that the epoxy resin sticks to the wood floor.

But, a lot can go wrong when applying epoxy floor coating over wood surfaces. So, it’s best to hire epoxy flooring professionals to add epoxy coatings on wood floors. It may cost extra. But, if there is any issue when applying the coating, the cost to fix that issue may be even more.

can you epoxy on wood floors

How To Apply Epoxy Over Wood Floors

The process of epoxy coating a wood floor is quite similar to the process of epoxy coating any other surface. But, there are a few differences. The main difference is that you have to sand the wood floor before applying the epoxy. This is done to make sure that the epoxy bonds well with the wood surface.

Before anything else, you have to properly clean the floor to prepare the surface. Then start the process of sanding the surface. Then the surface needs to be cleaned again to clear all the dust. After that, you have to apply a moisture barrier primer. Then leave the surface to dry.

Once the surface is dry, you have to start the process of applying epoxy on the floor. Epoxy coating is a mixture of epoxy resin and a hardener. You have to mix the epoxy resin and the hardener based on the instructions given in the packages of the products. Once the mixture is created, you have to apply it as quickly as possible. Otherwise, they will harden quickly and will be inapplicable. When applying the coating, make sure it is distributed evenly on every part of the surface. So, start applying from one edge of the floor and finish on another edge of the floor. Don’t use the surface for a while after that. The curing time for the epoxy coating can vary based on many different factors.

Should I Epoxy My Wood Floors

There are plenty of reasons for adding epoxy coating on a wood floor. Some of the important reasons are:

  • Easy To Clean

Unwanted dirt can stick to normal wood floors. But, epoxy coating repels both solid and liquid dust. So, when you spill something or drop something accidentally on epoxy-coated wood floors, they will not remain there permanently. You can easily wipe them off using a normal mop or a broom. There’s no need to use advanced flooring techniques to clean epoxy floors.

  • They Are Extremely Durable

No matter how many people walk daily on the floor, epoxy floors will last for a long time. Some wood floors can are not very durable. Things like excessive moisture, mold issues, e.t.c can also decrease the lifespan of a wood floor. Mold issues are very common among wood floors and can destroy not just your wood floors but other parts of your house as well. The epoxy coating protects your wood floor from such issues. 

  • High Impact Resistance

Epoxy floors can withstand extremely high impact. You can even ride heavy vehicles over an epoxy-coated floor. So, if you want to add wood floors to your garage but you’re worried that it cannot handle the pressure of your vehicle, the epoxy coating will fix your problem.

benefits of epoxy wood floors

  • They Offer a Variety Of Colors and Designs

Wood floors provide basic looks with limited color options. Some may actually like this look. But, others may want to customize the floor according to your liking. With epoxy coatings, you can add a variety of designs and colors to your floor. People can add epoxy coatings just for decorative purposes.

  • It Is A Environment-Friendly Option

When compared to other options, epoxy coating is environmentally friendly. It doesn’t release chemicals that are bio-hazards. Also, organic plants are used to make epoxy products.

  • Slip Resistance

Epoxy floors can get very slippery when they are wet. But, in dry conditions, they are slip-resistant. There are easy solutions to slippery epoxy floors to make them slip-resistant even when they are wet. This will allow you to add wood floors to sports facilities as well at a low cost.

Using Epoxy To Fix Crack On Wood Floors

Epoxy filler is often used to fix cracks on wooden floors. Epoxy is perfect for fixing cracks on the floor because they are a cost-effective and quick installation process. It is way cheaper than replacing the wood floor. Epoxy resin will also increase the lifespan of an already damaged wood floor. Epoxy blends well with the existing floor and when applied properly, people may not notice the repaired part.

Epoxy coating can also be used to completely resurface the floor using the epoxy floor coating. You can completely hide the damage to the wood floor by resurfacing it.

cracked wood floor

Clear Epoxy Over Wood Floor

Many people choose wood floors because of their looks. They may be hesitant to apply epoxy coating thinking that it will mess up the look of the floor. But, that doesn’t have to be the case. A transparent clear top coat can be used to keep the authentic look of the floor. It not only helps you keep the natural look initially but an epoxy coating will protect the original look of the floor. Your floor will look as good as new for many years.  With clear epoxy, you’ll get all the benefits of an epoxy coating.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can use a normal epoxy coating on a plywood floor. Since plywood is flexible, you need epoxy with sufficient elongation. Epoxy products that are specially designed for epoxy floors are available in the market.

RUST-OLEUM Marine Topside Paint is probably the best epoxy for hardwood floors. They are flexible enough to tolerate movement on the epoxy floor. They also have great leveling property.

When you apply epoxy resin directly to the wood, it will not stick properly. So, you should sand the floor and also use primer/sealant to make sure the epoxy sticks to the epoxy floor properly and also sets well afterward.

Yes, applying epoxy resin will make the wood waterproof. But, that’s the case only when the epoxy is applied properly.

A wood needs to be as dry as possible for epoxy. For the best finish, the moisture level in the epoxy needs to be 0%.


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