Commercial Epoxy Floor Coatings

commercial epoxy floor coating

If you have a business looking to attract customers to your commercial space, you need a place that looks high-end and attractive to create a great overall vibe. One of the aspects that go into making a great commercial space is a great flooring system. Many people choose concrete floors because of their durability. But, having a simple bare concrete flooring system will never cut it. But, if you add a vibrant floor coating, you can make concrete floors work. You can find many different coating options for concrete and other types of floor surfaces. Among those options, epoxy flooring is one of the best options. 

Commercial epoxy floor coatings have many advantages. Because of this, epoxy floors in commercial spaces have become quite common.  Below, we’ll explain why people choose commercial epoxy flooring and how to install epoxy floors in commercial spaces also show you some great products.

Commercial Epoxy Flooring Products

These are some of the great products that you can use for commercial products



Product Type: Negative Side Moisture Vapor Barrier Epoxy ( 2-component)
Cost: $210.53

slabloc 50


Product Type: Water-Based Epoxy Primer

Cost: $93.82

Slabseal 100


Product Type: Aliphatic Polyester Polyurethane

Cost: $277.62

fastflo 80


Product Type: Polyaspartic Base Coat & Top Coat

Cost: $359.98



Product Type: Water Based Acrylic Grout

Cost: $76.16

Why Choose Commercial Epoxy Floor Coatings

There are many different requirements for commercial flooring systems. Epoxy coating not just meets those requirements but actually exceeds them. These are some of the main features of epoxy floor coating that make them perfect for commercial use:

Attractiveness & Variety Of Designs

Epoxy floors have a high gloss finish that looks very attractive and gives a luxurious vibe to your floor space. Solid color epoxy with plain design also looks very but many different design options are also available. They are not just attractive but also highly customizable. You can easily find colors and designs that fit your brand. Epoxy coatings can also be used to add your business logo to your floor. Epoxy floor coatings can also be used with marble chips, custom flakes, terrazzo, etc. to make your floor space even more attractive.

Easy To Clean & Maintain

A commercial space needs to be clean. Otherwise, it will leave a bad impression on your customers. You will probably need to clean your floors multiple times in a single day. This can be extremely time-consuming unless you have epoxy floors which are super easy to clean. You just need to use warm water and clean the floor with a mop and you will get the desired result. To maintain epoxy floors you just have to clean them regularly.

Durability & Strength

Epoxy coatings are durable. Even if you have a place that sees a high number of customers every day, there’s no need to worry. Epoxy floors can easily handle a high amount of foot traffic. You can even drive on it without increasing the risk of damage to the floors. They are also scratch resistant and do not discolor easily meaning that the original finish will remain there for a long time. All of these make epoxy floors perfect for commercial/industrial flooring.

Water & Chemical Resistance

Epoxy floors are resistant to water as well as dangerous chemicals. Since epoxy floors are water-resistant, you will not have problems like molds & mildews on the floor. Having such issues in a commercial space will be bad for business. Chemical resistance can be very helpful when you are looking for flooring in places like pharmacies.

Health & Safety

Since epoxy floors are easy to clean, you can create a hygienic environment that is free of unwanted bacteria and viruses. They are less slippery when compared to other smooth surfaces. Plus, you can add anti-slip additives with epoxy coating to make them less slippery to avoid slips and falls. They are also resistant to high temperatures which decreases the chances of fire hazards.

Wide Application Areas

Epoxy coatings can be used on almost any type of surface. They can be used in concrete, wood, metal, ceramic, and many other types of surfaces. They can also be used on every floor of a building. Epoxy coatings can also be used on walls, countertops, etc. The epoxy coating could be a single solution for many different problems. They can also be used to fix heavy damage on your existing commercial/industrial flooring.

Application Areas Of Commercial Epoxy Floor Coating

Epoxy floors can be used in many different types of commercial spaces including:

  • Car Showrooms
  • Restaurants
  • Retail stores
  • Sports Facilities
  • Department / Grocery Stores
  • Office Buildings
  • Schools / Colleges
  • Public Bathrooms

Car Showrooms

Car showrooms need a floor that is super strong because you’ll have to be able to drive cars on the. Most strong flooring options are not very attractive. Since epoxy is strong as well as attractive, it is a perfect choice for car showrooms. Liquid spillage from cars can have a negative impact on your cars. Since liquid spillage on epoxy floors is easy to clean, it is a perfect flooring solution for a car showroom.


Commercial epoxy coatings is great for restaurant kitchens as well as dining areas. The attractiveness of the epoxy floors creates a great atmosphere for the customers. Epoxy coating is FDA-approved and can be used in th restaurant kitchen as well. A floor that is easy to clean will be great for restaurants where food and liquid spills are frequent.

Schools / Colleges

Adding epoxy floors in schools/colleges will make them more attractive. But, epoxy floors can be helpful in many more ways than that. Epoxy floors are especially necessary for science laboratories in schools where dangerous chemicals are frequently used. Without chemical-resistant floors in those places, the health of the students can be in danger.

Retail Stores

You can customize your floors in retail stores to match your products. An epoxy coating will also fit well in countertops used to showcase your products. Since they are durable, you can also save a lot on frequent repair costs which will be good for your business.

Department / Grocery Stores

The cleanliness aspect of the epoxy floor also makes it a great candidate for floors in department and grocery spills. Department stores need to be cleaned frequently. You can save a lot of time cleaning your floor if you have epoxy floors. You can also put heavy furniture on epoxy floors without any worries.

epoxy floor in department store

Sports Facilities

Epoxy floors can be used in large as well as small sports facilities. Sports facilities will need to have strong floors that can handle large amounts of foot traffic. Epoxy coatings are not just for hallways and lobbies of sports facilities but they can also be used to create good playing conditions for many different types of sports.

Office Buildings

Epoxy floors can be a great way to boost employee morale in your office. Bare concrete floors can be hard to walk on and will be bad for employee morale. But, with epoxy floors, you can also improve the brand of your office by adding logos and other brand images to the floor of the office.

Public Bathrooms

Public bathrooms need to have floors that are water-resistant, easy to clean, and can handle a high amount of foot traffic. Epoxy coating checks all of those boxes. This makes epoxy floors the perfect option for public bathrooms.

Why Choose Best Coast Epoxy Coatings

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commercial epoxy flooring services

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Frequently Asked Questions

No not at all. They are one of the lowest maintenance floors that you can find. It is not much you have to do to maintain them other than cleaning them. and, it is very easy to clean.

In today’s day and age, you can easily find any products online including commercial epoxy floor coatings. You can visit our shop to find products related to epoxy floor coatings.

Yes, the surface needs to be level before the application of epoxy. The surface also needs to be porous. To achieve these conditions you can use methods like acid etching and diamond grinding.


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