Concrete Polishing

Concrete polishing is a multi-step procedure that involves mechanically grinding, honing, and polishing a concrete floor using bonded abrasives to remove surface material. With each cut, it is further improved to reach a certain degree of beauty.

Concrete that has been polished has undergone chemical processing to make it denser. To polish the concrete floor, the concrete is ground and polished at various grit levels using pads and equipment. It may be used to dye, stain, or coat concrete.

concrete polishing

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Why Choose Concrete Polishing?

There are many reasons to choose concrete polishing as your flooring solution instead of other options like grinding and sealing. You can choose concrete polishing for your residence, business, schools, hotels, restaurants, etc. It is ideal for all these scenarios. The reason to choose concrete polishing is that they are very durable and highly reflective. They also provide resistance to a lot of things. They are also environmentally friendly so there’s no harm or side effects of concrete polishing. And the biggest reason to choose concrete polishing is that they produce no dusting. Bare concrete produces dust after continuous foot traffic but concrete polishing does not.

Benefits of Concrete Polishing

No more Dusting or Efflorescence

Polished Concrete has a super smooth surface which reduces the dust generation to zero. No matter the amount of foot traffic, there will not be any dust generated from the floor. This is a big issue with bare concrete floors. Bare concrete produces dust. Also, there is no issue of Efflorescence with Polished concrete. There will be no issue with salt stains on the floor surface.


Improved Reflectivity of Lights

Polished concretes are super smooth and shiny looking. The concrete surface is cut down into layers to obtain a shiny never seen surface. Because the surface is super smooth and shiny, it reflects light very well. Even in rooms with low lighting, these kinds of floors look super beautiful because of light reflectivity.

Highly Durable

Polished Concrete floors are super durable. They are very strong and can provide services for a long duration of time. They are able to withstand a high amount of foot traffic for a long duration of time.

Shiny durable concrete floor


Since it has a lifespan that extends years, we can pretty much say that it is a super attractive investment. They are very cost-effective to install and don’t need many repairs over the years.

So, it is a value-for-money investment for you. Any house with polished concrete will sell for more than a house with bare concrete. So they also add up the value of your home.Cost effective


Polished concrete is slip-resistant. The polished layer of concrete acts as a repellent that makes it resistant to water, oil, or other greasy materials. It is also resistant to chemical spills, heat, and others. It is also shock resistant.

Environment Friendly

Polished concrete floors are a fantastic substitute since they don’t use potentially dangerous coatings or adhesives. More importantly, over time, it keeps a good connection with the environment since fewer chemicals are required for upkeep and cleaning. So, it is safe to have these in houses that have kids.

Application Areas of Polished Concrete

The most typical locations for polished concrete application are:

Massive warehouses

Polished concrete is a very suitable choice for massive warehouses because warehouses get a lot of floor traffic and polished concrete can handle lots of foot traffic pressure. Also, it is easier to clean and maintain. Also, it is cost-effective, so it is a very good choice for massive warehouses.


Retail Stores

Retail stores are the places that get daily visitors and can get really dirty due to shoe prints, so it is recommended to use polished concrete because it is very easy to clean polished concrete and also it can withstand lots of foot traffic.

Lodging and Dinings

It is a favorable choice for lodging and dining due to its looks and environment friendliness. Polished concrete does not contain any chemicals so it is a very good choice for dining and lodging.


The beautiful and standard looks of polished concrete make it a favorable choice for commercial purposes. Big corporate offices use polished concrete because of its super attractive looks and feel. Also, they do not need heavy maintenance.

office floors

Auto dealerships

Auto dealerships are the kind of place which requires very shiny floors and also very strong surfaces to withstand the load of heavy vehicles. Polished concrete is very shiny and can reflect lights very well. So they are a favorable choice for auto dealerships.

Privately owned homes

What better option than polished concrete for homes because they offer everything. They are beautiful, cost-effective, easy to maintain, environmentally friendly, highly durable, and resistant to chemicals, spills, water, heat, and shock. You cannot ask for more than that. Polished concrete garage floors are a great option for your home.

concrete floor house

If you want to get concrete polishing services at your home, office, school, or your business, contact us. We provide the best concrete polishing service in California. A new polished concrete will just change the way your house looks. Call Best Coast Epoxy Coatings for any kind of flooring services.

Frequently Asked Questions

A professionally polished can last up to 10-12 years and with proper care, they last more than 15 years.

Yes, Concrete is subjected to crack whether it is polished or not. Continuous foot traffic and other activities will take their toll on the concrete and it will eventually crack.

No, Polished concrete arent hard to maintain. They have an easy maintenance procedure.


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