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Concrete flooring is not a new idea, and it’s been a standard in many industrial-type developments, warehouses, and even garages. However, it’s becoming more and more popular as an option for interior home flooring, because of its industrial appeal and overall look. Concrete flooring is not complete without a layer or two of some type of floor coatings, so here we’ll explore the different options that are available out there. All of these coatings can also be used on other types of flooring. But first, we need to discuss why it’s so important to coat a floor completely before use.

Importance Of Floor Coatings

There are many reasons why floor coatings should be a necessity when it comes to floor installations. Floor coatings are not only applied on surfaces experiencing heavy wear and tear but are also used to define traffic routes and cover-stained concrete surfaces. Most coatings will create heat and fire-resistant floors, ensuring safety like no other. Most coatings are designed to prevent damage for an extended period of time.
The coatings make the floor look more attractive and help to highlight the qualities of the floor underneath it, even if that floor is a plain layer of concrete. Below I have compiled some of the advantages of surface coatings to go through:

  • Floor coatings eliminate a lot of hazards.
  • Floor coatings add a layer of durability to the floor surface.
  • The coatings enhance safety.
  • The coatings give a high gloss finish to the floor surface underneath.
  • There’s an ease of maintenance when a layer or two of coating is applied, and so on.

Different Types Of Floor Coatings

There are quite a few types of floor coatings and none of them are created equal. The compositions of these coatings have been around a long time, but developers are constantly trying different formulas to improve upon products that are already available. Be that as it may, sometimes there are just no replacing classic floor coating products, such as epoxy. All of the floor coatings we will discuss here have their own benefits and are all useful in their own ways.

1. Epoxy Floor Coatings

Epoxy Floor Coatings is the only product that could make concrete floors look like something out of a home décor magazine. Epoxy is the material that gives floors their attractive shine. It’s the most popular type of floor coating, because of the many benefits it can provide. Epoxy makes floors much easier to clean, and they are highly resistant to chemical spills. The high gloss shine of epoxy can even be mixed with colors for a completely different look.

epoxy floor coatings

This type of coating is great when it’s used in industrial and healthcare settings, because it can withstand an excellent amount of impact, and can be made to decrease slips and falls. Garage floors with an epoxy coating also look amazing and are easy to maintain. There are various types of epoxy floor coatings available in the market.

2. Polyurethane Floor Coatings

Polyurethane has long been a standard when it comes to industrial floor coatings, and its many benefits are the reasons for that. Given that it’s more flexible than epoxy, polyurethane is actually able to absorb impact much better. It’s also resistant even to the most robust chemicals.

Polyurethane Flooring

Polyurethane is also more resistant to natural elements. It can tolerate temperature changes a lot better and is also UV stable, which means that it won’t turn yellow over time. It is highly resistant to abrasions, and its cosmetic sheen is both attractive and durable.

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3. Novolac Floor Coatings

Novolac is one of the latest developments in epoxy flooring. It’s actually a type of epoxy coating that offers more protection, in certain ways. It offers more resistance to chemicals, such as various acids, and some types of solvents. Given its strength against those, Novolac also provides more durability. This coating can handle high traffic levels, from both pedestrians and vehicles. It’s also resistant to extreme levels of heat. This type of floor coating is useful in many different types of settings, but it’s most valuable when used for industrial applications.

4. Urethane Mortar Floor Coatings

This type of floor coating is best for areas that don’t allow much time for curing. It dries and hardens faster than any other type of coating. It also helps that urethane mortar does not have any strong chemical odors. It has a high resistance to heat, thermal shock, various types of acids, and some solvents.

A urethane mortar floor coating can be used in many different types of buildings and construction, and it offers a selection of colors to fit whatever the overall interior design may be. It does have a sheen to it, but urethane mortar does not have the high gloss characteristic of epoxy floors.

Benefits of Hiring Floor Coating Professionals 

Coatings make floors look great and give floors a longer life. The importance of floor surface coating has increased significantly in the past few years. This is the reason why hiring professionals with years of experience in this field is vital.

When done properly, coatings can increase the longevity of residential and commercial floors. The installation price could be a bit higher, but it is worth it. If done unprofessionally, you might have to refurbish your coatings in a short period meaning more investment.

Hence in order to save your time and money, make sure to hire floor coating professionals. 

Here are some more reasons that will convince you to hire floor coating professionals near you:

  • Floor coatings require to be installed very cautiously, and if not done properly, the flooring may fizzle and lead to many blunders. Professional installers having practical knowledge make sure to prevent or, if not, minimize such errors.
  • With expert help, you can achieve incredible outcomes instead of wasting time working independently. 
  • Experts can get the floor coating done in time.

Need Floor Coating Services?

So if you’re thinking of getting a new concrete floor installed in your living space and want floor coating services to protect your flooring, call us today!

Our well-established epoxy flooring company will help you install your new protective and glossy floors. We serve areas including San Diego, Newport Beach, and Orange County.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are floor coatings?

Floor coatings are protective layers added above different floor surfaces to enhance the overall looks, durability, and life expectancy of the floor underneath.

Are epoxy floor coatings worth it?

Epoxy floor coatings enhance the longevity of floors. It is one of the most popular coating solutions because of the many benefits it can provide. The coating is highly durable and lasts for over a decade if appropriately maintained.

What are the two most commonly used types of coatings for concrete floors?

Epoxy floor coating is the best and one of the commonest options for the coatings of concrete floors. It gives concrete floors striking looks and longevity. Additionally, epoxy coatings ensure the safety of the floors and provide a high gloss finishing look. Apart from epoxy, polyurethane is another commonly used coating for concrete floors due to its excellent impact absorbance and chemical resistance properties.

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