DIY Epoxy Garage Floor Tutorial: The Ultimate Guide

More recently many homeowners have been having garage epoxy floorings. They may or may not choose to hire professionals to install epoxy garage floors. The people who choose DIY epoxy garage installation are looking to save money. But, can you really apply the epoxy yourself and get a floor finish that you can be proud of? How much better are the epoxy floors installed by professionals when compared to epoxy floors installed by a non specialist? It all depends on the ability of the person doing the job. People with some experience in other home improvement projects will probably have an easier time installing epoxy floors.

Learn about the epoxy installation process and you’ll have a better idea of whether you can install the epoxy floors on your own or not. Knowing about the risk involved in installing epoxy garage floors yourself will also help you decide whether you should hire a professional or not. In the end, I will give you my opinion on whether the DIY installation is worth it or not.


Is It Easy To Install Epoxy Garage Floors Yourself?

Installing an epoxy garage floor is not an easy job. It’s best to take help from a professional to install garage floor coatings. The total process consists of concrete floor prepping, cleaning, priming, proper dry times, and then re-applying base and top coats. It is easier said or shown in a video than done. Before going over the steps to Installation, we must know what materials and equipment you’ll be needing for garage epoxy floor coating. Since you are reading this blog, it means you want to know how to install an epoxy garage floor. In this blog, we are going to explain how to epoxy garage floor DIY.

What Supplies You'll Need To Apply Epoxy Coating Yourself

Equipment / Tools

  • Sweeping Broom
  • Heavy-duty concrete dust vacuum
  • A Stiff Brush
  • Gloves
  • Mini roller (for stem wall)
  • Paintbrush(3-inch)
  • 9-inch paint roller with 3/8-inch-nap roller cover
  • Extension handle for roller
  • 2-5 gallon bucket
  • Mixing drill
  • Spiked shoes
  • Patching material to fill cracks and divots


  • Epoxy floor coating kit (primer, base, top coat)

Finding Tools / Materials Required For Epoxy Installation

One the main hassles when applying epoxy to the garage floor is finding the tools / materials required for the job. While many stuff like sweeping broom, gloves, buckets, etc may be lying around in your house. Even if they are not, it makes sense to buy them because they are cheap can be used for other jobs as well. But, most people rent diamond grinders and even mixing drills. It would be better, if you could borrow these machines from someone you know. Finding the right epoxy product is also very important. The epoxy kit includes epoxy resin and a hardener. Other materials may be required based on the type of epoxy product that you want. You can choose the color that you want and we will deliver the epoxy product to your doorstep. We sell the following types of epoxy products:

How To Install Epoxy Garage Floor

Epoxy garage floor DIY is definitely not an easy task. But applying epoxy floor coating yourself is not impossible. You can follow these steps and can get the job done. However, it is always recommended to take Expert help from an Epoxy Flooring Company for the best results. There are steps to installing an Epoxy garage floor DIY in your home.

  • Cleaning the garage
  • Floor Surface Preparation
  • Mixing Epoxy Resin & Hardener
  • Applying The First Layer Of Epoxy
  • Applying The First Layer Of Epoxy
  • Evenly Broadcasting The Chips All Over The Floor
  • Leaving The Floor To Dry Overnight
  • Applying The Top Coat
  • Leaving The Floor To Dry For 48-72 Hours

These steps are explained in detail below.

Garage Floor Epoxy Coating Installation Process

Cleaning The Garage 

The first and foremost step in the DIY Epoxy garage floor installation process is to clean the garage. Empty the garage floor completely. There should be nothing lying around on the garage floor. Take out everything and keep it in your home or store room. After emptying the garage, get a broom and sweep out the dust and dirt on the surface. Now use a garden hose and thoroughly wash down the garage for better cleaning. Using water will help to remove oil and grease stains from the floor. Now after the water dries, use a vacuum to clean the surface last time. We have to be super careful not to leave out any dirt or dust on the floor. A clean floor surface is a must for Epoxy floor installation.

Cleaning the garage

Floor Surface Preparation

The second step in DIY Epoxy Garage flooring installation is the floor prep process. It is one of the most important steps because without proper floor prepping, the epoxy installed won’t hold for much longer. Vehicle traffic is likely to cause hot tire pick-up if epoxy is not properly bonded to the concrete. For the epoxy to properly bond to the surface of the concrete, the concrete needs to be properly etched. You can use diamond grinding, shot blasting, or acid etching techniques to properly etch the concrete surface. Use the aforementioned protective gears during this step as you will be dealing with chemicals. Properly wear gloves and eye protection while doing this. The mixture of acid and water when sprayed throughout will open pores on the surface which will help in binding the epoxy to the concrete properly. So, this is how we conduct the floor prep. Now we move on to the next step of the epoxy floor installation process.

floor prep

Mixing Epoxy Resin And Hardener

Now mix up the Epoxy Coating solution you bought from the store (usually a 2 component kit* A&B). You may know that Epoxy isn’t available pre-made so we have to mix it up on our own. Properly mix the epoxy resin and hardener to form a thick solution of Epoxy coating. Now, stir the solution properly with a drill and mixing paddle for around 3 minutes. The chips aren’t added to the epoxy. They shouldn’t be added to the mixture. They are separately broadcasted by hand after rolling out the section of floor your kit of epoxy covers.

Mix epoxy

Apply the first layer of Epoxy

After the A&B components are mixed together they are ready to be applied on the properly prepped concrete floor. Make sure to apply the solution as soon as possible when it’s ready to be applied as they typically only have about a 25-30 minute pot life. It is one of the most important steps in the Epoxy installation process. Use the brush to apply the coatings properly on the floor. The epoxy coating feels heavy and thicker than normal paint. Use rollers to properly apply epoxy evenly all over the surface. Divide the garage into sections and complete them one by one. Use the extension handle to roll over the area that you cannot reach. Spread the epoxy using the nap roller cover. Make sure the entire floor is evenly layered.

diy epoxy garage floor

Evenly Broadcast the Chips all over the floor

Now as soon as you finish layering the floor, toss or throw chips and flakes all over the floor surface. Make sure you try and disperse it evenly around the floor otherwise it won’t look uniform at the end. 70% coverage looks decent for garages. Spray the chips as per the customer’s preference. After properly sprinkling the chips, our garage epoxy flooring layer is complete for the day. Now we move on to the next step of the epoxy floor installation. 

diy epoxy garage floor

Let it dry overnight

The surface now needs to dry before you can work anything on it. Let it dry for the night. 12 hours is enough for the floor to dry during summers. For winters, it is recommended to let them dry for 24 hours. Also, make sure that the area that has been epoxied is properly protected. You cannot let dirt, hair, or dust fall on it while it dries, also no one should step on it during the period.

diy epoxy garage floor

Apply the Top Coat

You can stop at this point but I recommend applying a clear top coat. This is an additional(not mandatory) step in the epoxy garage floor installation process. This will ensure more durability as epoxy is not scratch resistant and provides a higher gloss shine to your epoxy floor. This will also provide additional thickness to the floor and added protection. Occasionally some of the flakes will not lay flat onto the epoxy coat completely which sometimes can create a sharp or gagged edge. Applying the top coat will make sure that they are all covered and sealed for protection from markings and stains. So applying the top coat on the surface of the epoxy coat is highly recommended. Now after this, we move on to the last step of the DIY epoxy floor installation process.

apply top coat

Let it dry for 48-72 hours

After applying the clear top coat, let the surface dry for 48-72 hours. People can walk on the surface after 24 hours of applying the top coat, however, vehicles should be strictly prohibited for 6-7 days. 100% solid epoxy takes a longer time to cure compared to water-based epoxy solution. It depends upon what type of epoxy you are using as there are different types of epoxy coatings. So, after 7 days your garage epoxy flooring is completely cured and is once again ready for vehicle traffic. After this, your DIY garage floor epoxy installation process is complete.

let it dry overnight

So, this is how to epoxy garage floors. You can follow these steps to get yourself a beautiful shiny garage. Also, be very careful about walking on the floor before it cures properly. Garage epoxy flooring is very much in trend and for all the good reasons. So, garage epoxy flooring is highly recommended. I think this blog must have been helpful and now you have an idea of How to epoxy garage floor DIY. If you are totally new to something like this, I recommend taking help from a friend or a family who has some experience in some DIY stuff. And the best option would be to take help from a professional Epoxy flooring company like us for the best result. You can just sit back and relax and we can do the job for you. 

Benefits of Having Epoxy Garage Floors

Some of the reasons that make epoxy one of the best garage floor coatings include:

  • Epoxy Floors are much more durable compared to staining, painting, or sealing. 
  • Epoxy Floors have a  high gloss shine and remain aesthetically pleasing.
  • Epoxy Floors are easy to clean, eliminate tire track marks and resist all automotive fluids from stains. 
  • Epoxy Floors have a lifespan of around 20+ years.
  • Epoxy Flooring adds value to your home.
  • Epoxy Flooring helps hide imperfections and protects the concrete.

There are many other benefits as well. It is no wonder why it’s gained more and more popularity over the past few years. There are many beautiful pictures of epoxy garage floors circulating the internet showing the beauty of these floors. 

Is DIY Epoxy Garage Floor Installation Worth It?

If you only want to see short-term benefits, you may think that installing the epoxy coating by yourself is a more affordable option. But, in the long run, it can be more costly. Epoxy installed by professionals will last more. For example, when you hire Best Coast Epoxy Coatings, we provide a 10-year warranty. But, the epoxy floor that you have installed yourself is likely to get damaged early. Excessive bubbles, epoxy coating not glued to the floor properly, etc. are some of the main problems that can occur when you decide to install the epoxy floor yourself. Both of these problems can cause damage to the floor in the near future, which will increase the repair cost of the floor.

You’ll less likely to get the desired finish. Epoxy floors installed by amateurs are likely to look less attractive than the ones installed by professionals. One of the main appeals of epoxy coating is its attractiveness. If you don’t want the feeling of disappointment after the floor is complete, you should definitely choose professionals.

When you hire professionals, they can also get epoxy products for your floor at a lower price. So, the additional cost of hiring a professional epoxy specialist is not as much as you think.

Epoxy Flooring Experts In California

If you are looking for an Epoxy flooring company to transform your garage, give us a call. Check out our Product page to get a free quote

We are a California based moving company and serve many different cities across California. These are the main cities that we serve:

  • Huntington Beach
  • Temecula
  • Menifee
  • Costa Mesa
  • Mission Viejo
  • Yorba Linda
  • Palm Springs
  • Irvine

See what the process of installing epoxy floor in your garage floor looks like.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, It is possible to DIY epoxy garage floors. But the quality of the finished results won’t be as good compared to a professional Epoxy flooring company.

The steps to DIY Epoxy garage floor are as:

  • Cleaning the garage
  • Floor Preparation
  • Mixing the epoxy solution
  • Applying the first layer of epoxy
  • Spraying the Chips
  • Let it dry overnight
  • Apply Top Coat
  • Let it dry for 2-3 days

The process is complete

It is hard but not impossible. DIY epoxy garage floor installation involves a lot of steps that need high level of skills such as floor prepping and evenly spraying chips, so some people may find it difficult.

If taken proper care of, Epoxy garage floors are known to last for over 10 years. And in some cases, exceeding even 15-20 years.

Normally, Epoxy floors are not slippery but if they are wet or if there is an oil spillage they tend to get slippery. However, there are few easy slippery garage floor solutions.

Epoxy floors for your garage is the perfect investment you can make. It delivers a super durable, shiny and beautiful floor surface that is resistant to chemicals, water, heat and shocks.

The Best DIY garage floor epoxy kit 2022 are: 

  • Best Choice Overall:  Rust-Oleum EPOXYSHIELD Garage Floor Coating Kit
  • Best Budget Choice: KILZ 1-Part Epoxy Acrylic Garage Floor Paint Satin
  • Best Choice Epoxy Kit: Colored Epoxies 1002 Clear Epoxy Resin Coating
  • Best Choice Concrete Sealer: Siloxa-Tek Penetrating Concrete Sealer
  • Best Choice Concrete Paint: Rust-Oleum Epoxy Shield Concrete Floor Paint


Ryan Pepple

My name is Ryan Pepple and I am the founder/president of Best Coast Epoxy Coatings Inc. I do all the residential jobs myself and use a crew to complete commercial jobs. You can call the number mentioned on the site to talk to me.

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