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Epoxy Countertop Installation Service In California

Are you looking for Epoxy Countertop installers in California? Any countertop on which epoxy has been poured to help restore or revive old, worn, or out-of-style bathroom, kitchen, or outdoor countertops is known as an epoxy countertop.

Epoxy countertops are not available premade such as granite, quartz, or marble. They have to be prepared on the spot. You need the help of companies that do epoxy countertops to install them. So, you’re unlikely to buy premade epoxy painted countertops. They have been gaining a lot of popularity nowadays due to their amazing looks and budget installment costs. Also, they are super durable and resistant so epoxy countertops are above all their competitors.

Epoxy Countertop Installers

Epoxy Countertop Installation

Surface Cleaning

First, we clean the countertop surface and make sure there is no dirt on the surface.


Mix epoxy resin and hardener. We mix them just before applying them.


While applying the epoxy coating, we start from one edge and end at the other.

why epoxy countertops

Why Epoxy Countertop Installation?

Epoxy can give any countertop a makeover without having to replace it completely. In only a few days, it can repair and reinvigorate any out-of-date, outdated, damaged, or simply unsightly countertop. 

Also, Epoxy countertops look super shiny and look like expensive material. It is easy to clean and also resistant to stains and heat as well. It is very durable if taken care of and can maintain its beauty for a long period of time. Also, kitchen epoxy countertops and sinks countertop will only increase the value of your money.

So, Why wait? Make us a call for installing epoxy countertops in San Diego and other areas of California. We are the best epoxy countertop installers in California.

Benefits of Epoxy Countertops

Easy to clean

Epoxy countertop in your home interior, you may clean it with nearly any cleaning agent without fear of ruining it. That means you’ll always have a secure space to prepare food or go about your everyday activities. Mold and bacteria development is limited with this choice since it provides a nonporous surface using a range of fundamental materials.

Adds value 

Any home that has kitchen epoxy countertops or epoxy countertops bathroom, will automatically add value to the house. It gives a super expensive finish for a low price. And it is very durable so the value of your property will definitely rise because of epoxy countertops. Home buyers specifically want a modern-looking kitchen and are ready to pay good money for homes with a nice kitchen. Hence, spending on Epoxy isn’t actually spending, it is investing.

Long lasting

When properly installed, epoxy countertops provide a long-lasting and robust surface. Their non-porous structure makes them resistant to moisture. The material is also heat resistant, however, you should still take caution and avoid placing hot pots and pans on it. If you take proper care of epoxy painted countertops, they can last for a very long duration of time.


You may place a hot pan or dish on an epoxy countertop without worrying about it being damaged. Though it is resistant to heat, do not leave hot pans for too long on the surface. There may be chances of heat entering the first layer. They provide resistance to stains and chemicals as well. Their non-porous nature makes them resistant to water hence making them easier to clean.


Epoxy countertops have a lustrous finish that may make inexpensive materials like laminate or damaged wood appear more opulent. In principle, this is ideal for repurposing outdated countertop materials that adhere well to epoxy. When it comes to beautiful looks, Epoxy painted countertops can give everyone a run for their money. In terms of beauty, they come second to none. You have the option to either choose solid color epoxy or epoxy with extravagant design.


Another benefit of epoxy countertops is they are easy to clean and can be maintained easily. The epoxy countertop doesn’t scratch easily and they are water resistant. You can easily clean the countertop using a damp cloth. Just don’t throw heavy things on your countertop since they might crack the epoxy coating.

Get the best epoxy countertop installation in California. Give us a call now!

Our Epoxy Countertop Project:

Our project speaks for us. We are one of the best epoxy countertop installers in California providing installation services for different budgets. Best Coast Epoxy Coatings offers the installation of epoxy countertops to give your countertop a super shiny and durable surface.
We have access to the latest technological advances and equipment and take full advantage of them while installing epoxy countertops. See it for yourself.

Epoxy Countertops can be applied over many countertops materials:

Before After before epoxy countertopafter epoxy countertop

Our Epoxy Countertop Installation Process:

If you want to learn how to do epoxy countertops, this is how we do it. First, we get an epoxy countertop kit. There are many different products and epoxy countertop kits available in the market for epoxy countertops.  After that, we follow the following steps for epoxy countertop installation:

1) Surface Preparation

But, before applying the epoxy coating, we make sure that the countertop surface is clean and that there is no dirt on the surface. Then, we apply a primer for better adhesion. You can apply epoxy coating without the primer but we don’t recommend it.

2) Mixing epoxy resin and hardener

An epoxy coating that we apply on the countertop is made up of epoxy resin and hardener. We mix them just before the application. Otherwise, the mixture will become hard and we’ll not be able to apply the epoxy coating.

3) Applying the epoxy coating

When applying the epoxy coating, we never start from the middle. We start from one edge and end at the other. We make sure that the epoxy is equally distributed. The solid epoxy will cure very quickly and your countertop will be usable in no time.

These are the steps we follow for epoxy countertop installation. You can follow the steps and learn how to do epoxy countertops.

Epoxy Countertop Installation Process

Hire Us To Install Epoxy Countertops In California

If you’re thinking about getting epoxy painted countertops for your home, you can always ask for assistance from dependable epoxy countertop companies that work with epoxy countertops in your area for an expert or second opinion and to arrange for professional installation, which is a cost-effective and long-term investment.

If you’re thinking of installing epoxy countertops in San Diego and other areas of California, contact us. We are one of the best epoxy countertop installers in California. Our staff has over 15 years of experience in epoxy. Our company is based in California. We provide 10 years warranty on the epoxy countertops that we install. We not only do epoxy countertops but provide many other flooring services as well. We do both residential and commercial jobs. We only use top-quality products. You can buy this product at cheap prices.

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Knowing whether or not a floor is scratch-resistant is one of the most crucial considerations. Due to the makeup of its constituents, an epoxy coating is scratch resistant and will last far longer than pretty about any other sort of coating.

Even the most expensive epoxy countertop is less expensive than the least expensive granite. So, certainly, epoxy countertops are far less expensive than granite.

Yes, you can epoxy over almost any surface including laminate countertops. Epoxies are mainly used on old, discolored and dirty looking laminate countertop in order to make them look new.

Epoxy is perfect for kitchen and bathroom countertops. Epoxy-painted countertops provide a durable smooth surface and also they are resistant to moisture and heat.

Epoxy countertops can last easily for more than 8 years. Epoxy can maintain a long-lasting shine on countertops.

Epoxy has higher durability than marble. Epoxy is also scratch-resistant which makes them perfect for kitchen countertops.

No, it doesn’t become yellow over time by itself. But if it is exposed to UV light, it may turn yellow over time.

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