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Epoxy Flooring FAQ’s

What is epoxy flooring?

Epoxy flooring is a type of flooring where an adhesive made from a class of synthetic thermosetting polymers is used to form a bond with its substrate (mainly concrete) that produces a strong, long lasting chemical resistant coating.


How long does it take to install the epoxy floor?

Our standard install is a 3-day process.

*1 day install can be accommodated if necessary for an up charge*

Day 1: consist of just a concrete preparation day. In most cases if the floor is bare concrete we will prep our floors with muriatic acid. This strips the top layer of the concrete and opens up the pours of the floor allowing the epoxy to penetrate into the floor and form a bond. If there is a coating that is currently on the concrete but is failing due to improper preparation, we will then use a diamond grinder to remove the coating before putting down our epoxy floor primer.

Day 2: we would come in and tape off the perimeter of the dry wall and put down our first coat of epoxy (water based primer). Once that dries (typically 30 minutes or so) we would then lay the second coat of epoxy which is 100 % solids (the thickest most durable epoxy) and broadcast the decorative chips into that coat as well.

Day 3: we would come back and pull the tape, collect the loose chips and roll on our final coat, which is a poly urethane top coat.


How long before you can use the garage again?

The day after install is complete (day 4) you can begin to walk on the floor and start moving stuff back into the garage. However, it is 7 days before you can drive a vehicle back on the floor (7 days is complete cure time for the 100 % solids epoxy).


What’s the difference between having a professional install the epoxy floor as opposed to the DIY kits they sell at hardware stores?

When you have us install your epoxy floor, the major differences are the quality of materials used, the uniformity of the chips that are thrown and the 10 warranty you will receive at completion.

What brand of materials do we use?

We use all Arizona Polymer Flooring materials for all our epoxy floor installs.

Should you fill the expansion joints before having the epoxy floor installed?

We do not recommend filling the joints at any time. The joints are purposely put there for several reason with the main reason being to help prevent any cracking of the slabs by absorbing shock from the concrete expanding and contracting when it heats up and cools down.

What size is my garage floor?

Typically, garage square footage is as follows: *This is mostly true for track homes, custom homes tend to have extra storage space which create additional square footage.*

2-car garage = 400 sq./ft.

3-car garage = 600 sq./ft.

4-car garage = 800 sq./ft.

What types of payments do we accept?

We accept all major credit cards, checks, cash and Paypal.

*Additional fees may occur when using credit cards/Paypal. *

What makes us stand out over our competitors?

The first thing that makes us succeed over our competitors is our unmatched customer service! We put the customer first and take pride in doing so.

2.) We use top of the line products and the strongest most durable epoxy (100 % solids). Most of our competitors are using a water based epoxy for their base coat which is thin and not durable what so ever.

3.) We provide a 10 year warranty on labor and installation on all of our epoxy floors.

What should I look for when getting epoxy floor quotes?

Make sure to find out what type of materials are being used (especially for the base coat) you do not want someone using a water based epoxy for a base coat. It will not last! Don’t always go with someone based on price, do your homework on what a quality epoxy floor consist of and base your judgement off how each company matches up based on their install and materials used..