Epoxy Flooring For Bathroom

epoxy flooring for bathroom

You typically find epoxy floors in garages and industrial units. But, epoxy floors can be used in bathrooms as well. Epoxy coating can be used over almost any type of surface including bathroom tiles.  Not only is it okay to epoxy on bathroom floors but they are actually the best option for bathroom floors. The fact that epoxy floors are water resistant makes them one of the best choices for bathroom floors. Epoxy floors are very attractive and they will significantly enhance the look of your bathroom. You can also use epoxy on bathroom countertops.

What To Know Before Installing Epoxy Floors In Bathroom?

You may be planning to install an epoxy floor in your bathroom yourself. You don’t need professional expertise and experience to apply epoxy to your bathroom floor. But, if you need a good finish without any issues, you should definitely seek professional help. The cost of professional epoxy installation service is not high. If you are unsure about who to hire, Best Coast Epoxy Coatings Inc. has plenty of experience when it comes to installing epoxy on bathroom floors.

How To Install Epoxy Floors

installing epoxy floor in bathroom

First, you have to choose the type and color of the epoxy floor that you want. The installation process starts with surface preparation. We have to make sure that the floor is completely clean and free of any dirt. The surface should be completely level before doing anything. 

Before applying the epoxy coating, a primer needs to be applied to the surface for proper adhesion. You should wait for a while after applying the primer. Then hardener and the epoxy resin need to be mixed to prepare the top coat of an epoxy floor. This coating should be evenly applied to the floor. This process needs to be completed within the hour because the mixture will get harder quickly.

Reasons To Use Epoxy Flooring For Bathrooms

There are plenty of reasons to use epoxy flooring for bathrooms. No other bathroom flooring option can match the design and functionality of epoxy floors. Durability, high impact resistance, water resistance, slip resistance, safety, ease to clean, chemical resistance, and attractiveness are some of the main reasons for using epoxy for bathroom flooring. Let me explain further:


Epoxy is one of the most durable flooring options. You should not worry about repairing a bathroom floor for a long time once you use epoxy coating for your bathroom floor. Unless you try to break your epoxy floor with a hammer or other heavy objects, they will last for at least 10 years. If you properly maintain the epoxy floor, it will last even longer. 

High Impact Resistance 

Epoxy floors can easily withstand high foot traffic. So, epoxy floors are great for public bathrooms as well. Normal floors in public bathrooms can get damaged quickly. If public restroom floors need to be repaired time and again, it will be inconvenient for the people using them. So, malls, convenience stores, colleges/schools, e.t.c. should use epoxy floors in their bathroom.

Water Resistance

As I mentioned before, epoxy floors are water resistant. They do not allow water to penetrate the surface of the floor and cause degradation caused by excessive moisture in your floor. This is one of the main reasons that makes epoxy bathroom floors durable. Epoxy floors may not be 100% waterproof but you can find a better option for bathroom flooring.

Slip Resistance & Safety

Epoxy floors are also less slippery than most other bathroom flooring options. They can get a little slippery when they are wet. But, there are some good solutions for slippery epoxy floors. It is also resistant to harsh chemicals that are used to clean bathroom floors. They can also withstand high temperatures, making them less prone to fire hazards. This makes epoxy flooring a very safe option for residential as well as public restroom floors.

They Are Easy To Clean 

The bathroom can be a source of various diseases if they are not cleaned properly. Epoxy floors are easy to clean. You can avoid health hazards with epoxy bathroom flooring. You can clean epoxy bathroom floors with a normal mop. You don’t need to use soap-based cleaners daily to clean an epoxy floor. You just need a few minutes of your time to clean the floor. Epoxy floors also do not get stained easily.

Variety Of Designs And Colors

You can customize epoxy floors exactly the way you want. Epoxy provides a wide variety of design and color options. Epoxy floors are shiny and look very attractive. Epoxy bathroom flooring will enhance the experience of using a bathroom. If you have a commercial space, having an attractive bathroom for your customers will be good for the branding of your company.

Epoxy Floors For Different Types Of Bathrooms

Bathrooms can be mainly categorized into two types, i.e., residential bathrooms and public bathrooms. Both types of bathrooms have different types of flooring requirements. Epoxy floors will meet the requirements of residential as well as public bathrooms.

Residential Epoxy Bathroom Floor

The looks and quality of the bathrooms will have a big impact on the value of your home. So, a residential epoxy bathroom floor can be a great way to increase the value of your residential home. You can even add a 3D floor design to your bathroom with epoxy coating. This will give your home an ultra-modern look. You don’t want to start your day by using a dark and depressive bathroom. An epoxy floor will lighten up your whole bathroom and give out a great vibe. Even if you are a busy person, you’ll have no problem keeping your bathroom floor clean when you have epoxy floors. If your main concern is just the looks, metallic epoxy floors are probably the best option. But, if you are also worried about the slip resistance of the floor, you should opt for flake epoxy floors or quartz epoxy floors.

Epoxy Floor For Public Bathroom

Epoxy floors are a great option for public bathrooms as well. Even with high food traffic, epoxy floors will last for many years. Your customers will have a great experience when using bathrooms in commercial spaces’ bathrooms like department stores, retail stores, spas, etc. because of the attractive epoxy floors. Public bathrooms can get extremely wet. Water resistance will keep public bathrooms free from harmful bacteria. This will protect the health of many people. You should only choose 100% solids epoxy for garage floors because they are the strongest.

Repairing & Renovating Bathroom Floors With Epoxy

Epoxy can be used on new as well as old bathroom floors. Using an epoxy coating to resurface your old & damaged bathroom floor is a cost-effective way to repair and renovate your old and damaged bathroom floors and make them more durable. You can avoid replacing the floor for a long time by using epoxy to resurface the bathroom floor. Epoxy can be used over almost any type of floor surface. But, if you need to remove the existing floor coating before resurfacing the floor, we can help you with that as well. When you choose to use epoxy to resurface the bathroom floor, you will be able to use your bathroom again in less than a week. 

Epoxy filler can be used to fix minor cracks in the garage floor. This is a very good option when you are not ready to completely resurface your old bathroom floor.

Using Epoxy Only In The Wet Areas Of The Bathroom

wet area of bathroom floor

It is not always necessary to epoxy your whole bathroom floor. You can also choose to protect vulnerable areas with epoxy coating. The vulnerable areas of the bathroom floor include wet areas and areas that are most dirty. Having an antibacterial surface on the dirty parts of your bathroom floor will prevent diseases. Also, having epoxy coating in the wet parts of the bathroom will help you prevent slips and falls.

Best Types Of Epoxy Floors For Bathroom

These are the types of epoxy floors that will best fit the requirements of a bathroom:

Epoxy Flooring Company In California

Best Coast Epoxy Coatings is a California-based epoxy flooring company that can help you install epoxy floors in your bathroom. We serve many different areas across California. These are our top service areas:

  • Irvine
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  • Palm Springs

Go to the “get a free quote” form to get cost estimates for our services or call us using the number (951) 526-7979 for more information.


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