Epoxy Flooring Vs. Polished Concrete

Epoxy Flooring Vs. Polished Concrete

polished concrete

Polished concrete has been treated with a chemical to make it more dense. The concrete is ground and at smoothed at various levels of grit to polish the concrete floor with pads and tooling. The fact that it requires a lot of labor intensive man power is a deterrent and application can include dyeing, staining, or engaged concrete. The powerful sanding for polished concrete can take up to 7 polishes to get to its desired surface. In its origins, it was popular in basements, industrial businesses, showrooms, and even fire stations.

As the present time it is rarely used in industry heavy commercial settings or even residential areas like basements. This is because its maintenance doesn’t come close to comparing with epoxy and it is not considered safe for environments which use solvents or acids, food preparation which desires USDA food grade flooring, or even at home garages which are scrubbed by an automated cleaner.

Put simply, epoxy flooring is the future in flooring and the future is now. Polished concrete was a once popular option which many companies and installers no longer use or recommend. To those who have experienced polished concrete in the past or consider it a viable option, here are the specifications for its use and why Epoxy is preferential in most cases.

Epoxy flooring is multifaceted and used in a wide range of venues. Perfect for commercial settings, it is spill and (generally) commercial product resistant. A professional flooring, epoxy is also the flooring most people would desire for their garage or home, given the opportunity.
Epoxy looks great and retains its appearance. It is installed over a few days with time to ‘cure’ and resists scrapes and scratches. It is easy to clean and, unlike polished concrete, automated cleaners will not impact its resilience or appearance. Final looks in epoxy can include a self leveled, anti-static, self-dispersing and can be designed with a graveled, terrazzo, mortar, flaked appearance or more.

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