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Epoxy Flooring VS Polyurethane

It would be easy to jump in and explain why Epoxy Flooring is a superior choice, but a good comparison point is with Polyurethane Flooring. Both Epoxy and Polyurethane are durable and light reflective, which makes them surface cleaning friendly. Additionally, they utilize thermosetting polymer which is preferential for floor coating.


As with many industry terms, the name used in everyday speak is often different than its accurate description. It is not uncommon to hear talk about “urethane” for flooring, as shorthand. Despite the incorrect terminology, this commonly advertises a polyurethane product.

However, unlike our Epoxy Flooring which is made out of 100% solids, even the most preferential polyurethane flooring (aliphatic polyurethane) is typically 60 – 70% solids, manufacture dependent. Comments about polyurethane’s “resistance” is only a part of marketing, as the flooring is softer and elastic but very sensitive to humidity. In reality, Polyurethane coating does not build up the thickness of a floor the way Epoxy does. Sometimes polyurethane is used as clear coat in conjunction with epoxy. Polyurethane does have benefits with certain chemicals or substances, such as resistance to the lactic acid found in dairy industry production.

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy is designer flooring at do-able prices. It is an investment into your home, garage or business. It pays itself off with its resistance to oil, grime, chemicals, and common messes. Epoxy is an industrial floor which can beautify, (yes, you heard that right) your space to become the garage of your dreams which deserves the customers who frequent your business. Another reason Epoxy is preferential is that the application process is complete and well designed. It is made to correct small cracks and imperfections in your concrete floor and known for its strength. Combined with colors, textures, or patterns, a professional Epoxy flooring is removed from worried about color changes or yellowing.


So, you’ve decided on an Epoxy Flooring, but what do you do next? The insistence on custom installed epoxy by professionals is more than a business driven concept. Epoxy is humidity safe. It is installed step by step, with each part of the 3 day process done with expert precision, care, and attention. Working with professionals means that it is not an experimental design, but a complete redesign of one’s floor space. Your options will be explained by in well thought out way by a professional and your Epoxy Flooring can be created over a long weekend or during your weekday while you’re otherwise occupied. The 7 day cure process will ensure the culmination of a sturdy, industrial grade, high end result.

The decision to choose Epoxy should not be based on word of mouth or even admiring another’s flooring. Nor should it be solely price based to ensure a good deal. If your vision is an Epoxy surface, choose our 100% solids Epoxy which will continue to pay you back in its excellence and durability, for years to come!