Frequently Asked Questions

Does the concrete need to be diamond ground, acid etched or shot blasted before applying the epoxy?

Yes. Prepping the concrete strips off the smooth troweled layer of concrete and opens up the pours which exposes the aggregate and allows the epoxy to seep deep into floor for proper adhesion.

Which is a better floor Polyaspartic or Epoxy?

Depends mostly on what and where the floor is being used. Poly Aspartic is extremely scratch and UV resistant, whereas epoxy is neither of the two. Epoxy however offers a material which can block moisture coming up through concrete, poly aspartics do not.

Do you have to prep the concrete (diamond grind, acid etch etc..)?

You most certainly do. Contractors that pitch not having to prep concrete that is brand new typically don’t prep concrete at all. They use that as a sales pitch selling you a cheaper floor with lower quality materials. (IT WON’T LAST).

Are epoxy floors slippery?

No. Epoxy floors are not slippery, although they can be if wet. There are a few easy ways to make your epoxy floors not slippery.

How long do epoxy floors last?

Epoxy floors can last the lifetime of the house if taken care of when propery installed.

Can epoxy be used over any substrate?

Yes. Epoxy can be used over most substrates, they just require a primer designed for going over the according substrate.

Can you epoxy a patio area where full sunlight is present?

Yes. Epoxy can be used in direct sunlight but needs to be covered either with flakes or a pigmented urethane/poly aspartic.

Do epoxy floors come with a warranty?

Yes, all of our epoxy floors come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY.

How many days does the installation process take?

Depending on which system you choose, the installation process is between 3-4 days.

Which epoxy floor is more durable, metallic or color chip floor?

Both are equally as durable. Chip floors tend to hide scratches more since they are a textured surface as opposed to a metallic floor which has. a smooth finish. Both floors use the same materials so are equal in durability.

Can epoxy be used inside of a home?

Yes. Epoxy can be used inside a house or anywhere there is a sound substrate floor. Such as concrete, wood or tile.

When epoxying a garage do you include the stem wall that runs along the edges (concrete lip or curb around the perimeter)?

Yes all stem walls are included up to 6”.

Do you fill the expansion joints?

No we do not fill the expansion joints. They are there to serve a purpose, for when the concrete expands and contracts it allows the concrete to crack along the joints and not throughout the floor.

Is crack patching included in the price?

Yes minor crack and divot patching is included in the price.If it’s a substantial amount of work then there will be an additional charge for the labor.

What type of epoxy do you use?

We use a water based moisture blocking epoxy primer and we use a solvent based moisture blocking epoxy as the base coat.

What do you use as a top coat?

We use a clear poly aspartic top coat sealant.

How long until you can walk on the floor?

24 hours after installation is complete before you can walk on the floor.

How long until you can drive a vehicle onto the floor?

7 days after installation is complete for complete cure time and vehicle traffic.

Do you epoxy over the drains?

If the drains are old and rusty colored we will epoxy over them. If they are new and brass color we will leave them exoposed and epoxy around them.

Should you paint the walls before or after epoxying the floor?

We always recommend painting the walls afrterwards, as sometimes epoxy may get onto the drywall when cutting in the stem walls but can accomadate to all needs.

Is the warranty transferrable if we sell our home?

Yes, our warranty is transferrable.

Does anyone need to be home when we are doing the work?

No, we only need access to the garage.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all forms of payment, cash, checks and all major credit cards. Although credit cards have a 3% finance charge associated with them.
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