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Garage Floor Epoxy VS Epoxy Paint

The difference between Garage Floor Epoxy Coating and Epoxy Floor Paint is largely marketing. The names are meant to blend the concept of “Do It Yourself” (DIY) installment and painting with Professional Grade Epoxy Coating.
Floor paint (epoxy or not) is paint which is applied to a surface, or concrete, for an added layer of protection and durability. Similar to painting a wall at your home or business, paint is just paint. Epoxy paint is the term customers began to demand through their buying power. The paint industry began to comply to the many web and home improvement store searches by having the product name of “epoxy paint” easily locatable. Individuals who hope to recreate the stellar appearance of industrial, professional quality Epoxy Coating on their own, through applying paint, will usually be disappointed in the result. Many purchase such paints falsely thinking they will be as effective.

Expand your concept of Epoxy Floor Coating (Garage Floor Epoxy) and think of it as a process. Completed over 3 days and usable after 7, a high quality epoxy flooring requires a multilayered application process which proves lasting. Typically designed and installed by professionals, it ensures a tried and true, attractive and detailed look! This occurs through its step by step processing and because it is one of the premiere ways to add value to your home, upgrade, and redesign your garage or space. It is also utility oriented. It resists spills, moistures, and heavy industrial products as it is not a paint.

Genuine epoxy coating is a cure which doesn’t dry in the same way paint does, but hardens to create a far more permanent flooring fixture. An attractive epoxy flooring is resin tinted or can be applied as a clear coating. The thickness of the flooring speaks to its durability and is why premiere epoxy uses 100% solids.

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