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Best Coast Epoxy Coatings can transform your garage or floor space through our unique Garage Floor Epoxy Solutions. While many are familiar with Epoxy Flooring, they may not realize the ease of application when they have a professional doing the process. Epoxy flooring is an adhesive made from a class of synthetic thermo setting polymers which creates a strong, long lasting chemical resistant bond against the original flooring (typically concrete).

Just as home or business decor or interior can vary per household, Epoxy is designed to customize your floor to the style or look which completes the space.

Don’t settle for bare concrete when your Epoxy Flooring can be customized into pearlescent metallic flooring, marble, faux wood, long lines or an assortment of designs incorporating artwork and imagery, or business and personal logos. Our professional staff is available to assist you with the options and choices for your needs and walk you through the process.

Commonly Asked Questions Before Installation:

Should I fill the expansion joints before my epoxy floor is installed?

No. It is against our recommendation to fill the joints (ever) as they are there to help avoid and prevent cracks. The joints help to absorb shock from the concrete expanding and contracting when heated or cooled.

How Big Is My Garage Floor?

Though final measurements are necessary before installation and custom homes can vary, the typical size for modern track homes is as follows:

2-car garage = 400 sq./ft.
3-car garage = 600 sq./ft.
4-car garage = 800 sq./ft.


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