How To Fix Cracks In Garage Floor Using Epoxy Coating

If you notice cracks in your garage floor, it’s essential to address them immediately to prevent further damage and maintain the integrity of the surface. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to fix cracks in garage floor. Having cracks in your concrete garage floor is a very common issue of bare concrete floors.

It is almost inevitable to not have cracks on your concrete garage floor because they are constantly exposed to heavy vehicles, tools, and a lot of foot traffic. This will eventually lead to cracks and holes in concrete garage floors. Also, constant exposure to water also creates a crack in the garage floor. Cracked concrete is a pretty common issue and a big headache for all of us.

how to fix crack in garage floor

Any concrete slab is bound to have cracks over a period of time. Concrete is typically used to construct garage flooring because it is strong and long-lasting. However, a concrete garage floor may break as a result of weight, use, weather, and other causes. Fixing cracks in garage floors is necessary to prevent them from growing and causing further damage. But there is nothing to worry about. You can learn how to fix cracks in the garage floor in this article. Cracks and holes in concrete garage floors can be repaired with a few techniques.

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Why Do Concrete Garage Floors Crack?

Concrete surfaces are strong but they are not flexible. So, it doesn’t stretch when heavy objects are placed on them. This causes the concrete floor to develop cracks over time. The chemical spillages in the garage can also make the concrete weaker. Excessive moisture will also decrease the strength of the concrete surface. Cracks in the concrete are not always a problem. But, you have to worry when the garage floor cracks start growing. In that case, you have to start looking for solutions like adding an epoxy coating.

How To Determine If Garage Floor Cracks Are Serious?

It is necessary to determine the condition of cracks in your garage floor so that you can find out whether they require immediate repair or not. Here are some factors to consider while determining the seriousness of cracks in the garage floor:
  • Width of the cracks:

If the cracks are less than 1/8 inch in width, they are considered hairline cracks. The cracks less than 1/8 inch in width in concrete garage floors are not serious structural issues. However, wide cracks may denote a serious problem.
  • Depth of the cracks:

Find out how deep the cracks go into the garage floor. The hairline cracks that have less depth are less of a concern than deep cracks.
  • Movement of the cracks:

If the cracks on the concrete floor are actively expanding, they may require immediate repair. Contact a professional epoxy flooring company for repairing the garage floor as soon as possible in this case.
  • Location of the cracks:

Find out where the cracks are on your garage floor. Cracks that are near load-bearing walls or joints may be a serious issue. Cracks in this location can affect the overall stability of the structure.

How To Fix Cracks In Garage Floor?

In order to repair garage floor cracks, you have to do certain things. If you don’t know how to fix cracks in the garage floor, you can follow the below techniques.

Remove Cracked Pieces Of Concrete

First of all, you have to remove cracked concrete pieces from the floor surface and clean the entire area. You should pull out chunks of concrete that are cracked or about to crack. Then properly sweep the concrete floor to remove dust and dirt. After you properly clean the floor, we can begin the process to fix concrete cracks and repair the garage floor with epoxy.

Apply A Layer Of Primer

After the surface is clean, we should apply a layer of primer and let it dry for 8-10 hours. This helps in creating a stronger bond between the surface and the concrete. By pushing firmly with the trowel, a metal ruler, or trowel, we apply the mortar to the damaged region. We advise making the mortar more liquid for larger areas to improve self-leveling.

applying primer

We advise dabbing a little dry cement over it to repair cracks and plastering it with the trowel to harden and strengthen the surface. Keep an eye out for any low areas or larger cracks that could need more repair material.

It works best to fill the broken portion passage with silica sand for repairing large splits. This will prevent the substance used for fixing cracks from dripping. It saves you from using excess material and from creating low places that need to be addressed.

How To Repair Garage Floor With Epoxy

Epoxy floor filler can be used for repairing garage floors. It would help if you used an epoxy sand slurry or mending blend for garage floor repairs. The degree of repair determines which kind you should choose. Although it doesn’t take as much effort as patching a split, it still demands some effort.

You use a trowel to apply the mixture over the sunken zones after the floor has settled properly. Some combinations can be linked with a metal squeegee and are self-leveling. Make sure to smooth the plume in and let it set according to the instructions. If you missed any little divots or low locations, you might need to apply a fresh coating.

However, if you are using colored paint or colored epoxy sealer, you should look like a perfectly smooth, flawless solid piece at that time. Epoxy floor coatings eliminate the need to worry about fixing garage floor cracks since the epoxy’s thicker surface layer will conceal them. There’s a difference between Epoxy paint and Epoxy coatings.

Why Use Epoxy For Garage Floor Crack Repair

There is an easy, quick fix if you’re frustrated with fixing your concrete garage floor again and again! Epoxy Garage Flooring is a great way to stay away from these costly annual repairs. You may avert this harm by having your garage floor covered with epoxy. Epoxy flooring system can be created to satisfy any of your garage floor design and practical demands since it is available in a huge variety of colors, patterns, textures, and styles.
You do not need to repair epoxy garage floors every year like a concrete floor. You can replace your current concrete floor with a new layer of epoxy flooring. Epoxy floors are highly durable and have other advantages as well.

garage floor with epoxy coating

Use Epoxy Floor Filler

Concrete may sustain damage from a variety of sources, such as usage, weight, weather, and more. We can use epoxy for fixing cracks in the garage floor. The epoxy may be used to repair concrete garage floor damage by utilizing a variety of tools and methods. With an injectable epoxy concrete crack filler, minor fractures may be fixed. Epoxy mortar patches can be used to patch up chipped and pitted areas. It could be necessary to use an epoxy slurry mix to repair more severe damage.

Once the damage to the concrete slab in your garage has been fixed, you can stop it from happening again. You may safeguard the underlying concrete for a very long time by having an epoxy coating applied to the garage floor. When you use epoxy for garage floor crack repair, you can get the dependability, affordability, and lifespan you need for your garage floor.

Garage Floor Repairing Services In California

Lastly, knowing how to fix cracks in garage floors is vital for maintaining their appearance and durability. If you want garage floor crack repair in California, contact Best Coast Epoxy Coatings for your services. We recommend getting the epoxy coating as a garage floor crack filler as it offers high durability and better looks to the garage floor. We provide our services across many different cities in California. These are some of the top cities in California that we serve:

  • Huntington Beach
  • Temecula
  • Menifee
  • Costa Mesa
  • Mission Viejo
  • Yorba Linda
  • Palm Springs
  • Irvine

See one of our work fixing cracks in garage floor with epoxy

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, small cracks in the garage floor can be fixed using various types of concrete fillers. But, if the cracks are huge, you should call experts for suggestions.

Yes, small cracks in garage floors are quite normal. But, complete structural damage to the concrete floor is not normal.

Yes, you can apply epoxy on the cracked garage floor. But, epoxy alone cannot fix the garage floor cracks.

Yes, you can level an uneven cracked floor with the right techniques. It’s best to decrease the height of the taller surface instead of increasing the height of the lower surface.

You can apply an epoxy coating over the old epoxy garage floor. Proper surface preparation is necessary so that the new coating will adhere to the old coating.

Epoxy crack filler can last more than 5 years. The epoxy crack filler is designed in such a way that it can stay for a long time and provide durability.

Table of Contents

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