Pool Deck Epoxy

pool deck epoxy

If you have a swimming pool in your home, you must know that it required constant attention and care. Not just the swimming pool but the surrounding areas also need constant attention and care. You can decrease the time needed to take care of the swimming pool and surrounding areas by adding strong & durable coating to the pool decks.

Pool decks are exposed to a lot of water from the swimming pool and heat from the sun. So, they can get damaged quickly. The frequent repairs can be troublesome and expensive. Using epoxy coatings is one of the best ways to avoid constant repairs to your pool deck.

Can You Put Epoxy Coating On Pool Deck

Yes, you can apply epoxy coating on your pool decks. Epoxy coatings are a great choice for your pool deck. Epoxy products specially made for outdoor spaces and pool decks are available in the market. It’s best to apply an epoxy coating to the new pool deck. But, you can also use a residential epoxy coating to repair and resurface an old pool deck in your home. Epoxy coating is best suited for concrete pool decks.

Benefits Of Using Epoxy On Pool Decks

Using epoxy coating on your pool deck will have a lot of benefits. Here are some of the main reasons to add epoxy coatings to your pool deck:

Cost Effectiveness

Epoxy coatings are very cost-effective. They add a luxurious feel to your home without having to spend a lot. The cost of installing epoxy coating is quite low. Plus, you’ll not have to replace the epoxy coating every few years. This will help you save money in the long run. When using epoxy for resurfacing. you don’t have to replace the entire surface of the pool deck as long as the surface is intact. This will help you save time & money.

epoxy pool deck

Water Resistance

This feature is really important for pool decks. That’s because pool decks are exposed to a lot of water. Epoxy pool decks are not completely waterproof. But, they have a high tolerance to water. A large amount of water on a concrete surface can damage the surface very quickly. But, the epoxy coating doesn’t allow it to happen.


Epoxy coatings are very strong. They will not be affected by any amount of foot traffic. They will also repel moisture. They are also resistant to extreme heat and other types of extreme weather. All of this makes epoxy pool decks extremely durable. 

Slip Resistance

A normal epoxy floor is slip resistant. But, like any other surface epoxy can also get slippery when they are wet. But, you can easily negate this problem by using anti-slip additives. Anti-slip additives are not very expensive and will easily integrate with the epoxy flooring system. This will help you avoid unwanted slips and falls. They also do not allow algae formation. Algae formation can be a real issue in pool decks and can make pool decks extremely slippery.

Variety of Designs And Colors

You can customize your pool deck any way you want by applying the epoxy. You can match the color and the design of your pool deck with the color of your house and surroundings. You can add cool designs to your epoxy-coated pool deck to make your swimming pool stand out from the swimming pool of your peers.

Enhanced Appearance & Increased Value

The high gloss finish of the epoxy surface will completely enhance the appearance of your pool area. The epoxy coating makes the pool area look luxurious and high class. An epoxy-coated pool deck with a proper finish will increase the value of the home.

Using Epoxy Paint On Pool Decks

Epoxy paint can be used to fix minor cracks and damages in the pool deck. Epoxy paint will increase the durability of the already existing surface. They will also make your pool deck more water-resistant. Epoxy paints are available in every color. So, you’ll be easily able to find an epoxy paint that matches the color of your pool deck. You can easily find separate kinds of epoxy products that are specially made for pool decks in the market.

Best Epoxy Paint For Concrete Pool Deck

Many epoxy paints are specially manufactured for swimming pool areas by considering the pool surfaces’ requirements. Some great epoxy paints can be used anywhere, including pool decks. These are some of the best paint that you can use in the pool area:

  • Woolsey Premium Epoxy Paint
  • Olympic Poxolon 3 Epoxy Pool Paint 2222 G
  • Ramuc Type EP Epoxy Pool Paint
  • In The Swim Super Poxy Shield
  • Smart Seal Dura Seal Epoxy Paint
  • Rust-Oleum Epoxy Shield Concrete Paint

Hire Us To Install Epoxy Coating In The Pool Decks

crack in a pool deck

Best Coast Epoxy Coatings Inc is the best epoxy flooring company in California. Our epoxy specialists have over 15 years of experience. We use 100% solids epoxy that are strong and durable. You can get 10-year warranty on epoxy surface installed by us. 

We do not just meet our client’s expectations, we exceed them. We have received amazing customer feedback for completing hundreds of jobs and showing extreme professionalism when doing so. We offer a wide range of services. If you have other flooring jobs in your house, we can complete them as well.

Call us today at (951) 526-7979 and we’ll get started with your job as quickly as possible. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The epoxy-coated floor is highly resistant to various chemicals including chlorine. The chlorinated water can have some negative effects on epoxy coating over time. To minimize the risk, choosing the right type of product for your epoxy floor is important.

You should choose a water-based sealer instead of a solvent-based sealer for pool decks. Solvent-based sealers will produce volatile organic compounds that are dangerous.

By itself, epoxy is not UV resistant. But, epoxy is a versatile material that can be used alongside materials. Adding a clear urethane top coat will make your epoxy surface UV resistant.


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