Exterior & Interior Residential Epoxy Flooring


Residential epoxy flooring is an enhancement of floors in a home whether it’s inside the home, the garage, or any concrete located outside of a person’s home. Epoxy floors are especially good for your house since they increase the durability, usefulness, and aesthetic appeal of interior surfaces, unlike concrete floors that look dull. It is available in a variety of shapes, colors, patterns, and styles to complement any interior decor, and you may even make your own color scheme.

Why Choose Epoxy Flooring For Homes?

An epoxy floor may add value to your home, is easy to clean, and offers your floor a distinctive and attractive appearance. It’s also popular due to its water resistance and durability. Also, choosing residential epoxy flooring for your home also has other benefits as well. They are super easy to maintain and clean. They help to increase the monetary value of your home and are very durable and long-lasting. Also, they can be installed in various designs, colors, and patterns. They provide money for value in the long run.

Application Areas of Residential Epoxy Flooring​

There are lots of different places where epoxy floor coatings can be applied within a residence. The places are basically divided into two segments: Exterior & Interior residential epoxy flooring. We are going to know more about them in detail.

Interior Residential Epoxy Flooring

Interior residential epoxy flooring refers to the installation done inside the house. Interior residential epoxy flooring focuses on the interiors of the houses rather than the exteriors. The places that are included within Interior residential Epoxy flooring are as follows:

Kitchen EPoxy flooring


Kitchen floors are the places that are likely to have exposure to stains and oils spillage and food spillage. So, you must be careful to choose a flooring option that looks clean, easy to clean, and looks modern. The floor must be durable as well. Hence, Epoxy floor coating is the best option for kitchen flooring as well as kitchen countertops.


Garage floors are one of the most popular places within a residence to get interior epoxy floor coating. More and more people are getting Garage floor epoxy coatings services because of its several advantages. There are many advantages of epoxy flooring on a garage floor among which are durability, beautiful looks, easy maintenance, etc. 

epoxy garage floor residential epoxy flooring


People are getting epoxy installation services in order to make their bedrooms look super beautiful. The epoxy coating makes their bedrooms aesthetically beautiful along with super durability and other features. It is one of the most popular areas to get Interior epoxy flooring. People are also getting epoxy floor living rooms. Having an epoxy living room floor just enhances the entire appearance of the room.


People are getting really creative with bathroom floors and are getting 3D epoxy flooring services for their bathrooms. 3D floors totally changes the bathroom. The bathroom floor will look like an illusion and look super beautiful at the same time. The floor is easy to clean and shiny which makes it a favorable choice for a bathroom floor. Bathroom floors are very popular places to get interior epoxy flooring.


Hallways are a place that needs to be sturdy and clean. Epoxy floors fulfill both criteria. Also, they are very shiny and durable which makes them a very good option for hallway flooring. Floors in a hallway also need to be able to withstand high foot traffic. An epoxy coating will make your floor capable of that.


A basement is a place that people often neglect. But it is absolutely important to take good care of your basement. Your basement is the foundation of your house. Also, using Epoxy coatings for your basement floor will make it easier to clean and maintain the basement. A basement floor needs to be water resistant and strong. Since Epoxy is non-porous, it makes Epoxy the perfect choice for basement flooring. Basement is one of the most important places to get indoor epoxy flooring services.

Exterior Residential Epoxy Flooring

exterior epoxy floors

Exterior residential epoxy flooring basically means the installation that is done outside the house. This type of flooring system focuses on the exteriors of the houses rather than the interiors. The places that are included within Exterior residential Epoxy flooring are as follows:

Pool Decks

Pools decks are places that are located outside our houses. Any normal flooring on the Pool Deck won’t last long due to continuous exposure to Heat from the sun and water from the pool. Any other flooring is bound to fade colors and lose its strength due to exposure. However, Epoxy coatings being resistant to UV rays and water is the perfect choice for Pool Deck flooring. Epoxy flooring is shiny, resistant, and super durable. But Epoxy surface can get a little slippery when wet. This issue can be solved by some simple solutions to make the Epoxy floor not slippery.


Entryways are also places that are continuously exposed to the sun and rain. Also, it has to withstand foot traffic as well as vehicles going in and out of them. Hence a sturdy and durable flooring option is needed for Entryways. And Epoxy coatings come in super handy as a flooring option for Entryways. Having bare concrete floors on the entryways will be a bad look for your house.


A patio is a place that needs the most strongest and resistant flooring solution. Since the Patio is located outside the house, it has to go through every kind of harsh weather condition such as heat, cold, rain, sun, etc. Hence we have to keep that in mind and use a flooring solution that is super strong, durable and is resistant, and can withstand harsh weather conditions. Epoxy coatings are the clear favorite for an Exterior Residential Epoxy flooring solution.

Benefits of Residential epoxy flooring

These are the main advantages of having epoxy floors in your home:

Easy to clean

Epoxy flooring is simple to clean and maintain. There are a lot of spills possible in a house and it’s almost a piece of cake to clean a residential home with epoxy floor coatings. Almost any spilled material or liquid may be easily cleaned and wiped away thanks to the resin and glossy finish. You won’t be worried about leaving unattractive prints on the floor. Epoxy, unlike tiles or marbles, is poured into the floor, leaving no cracks for a smooth appearance. This makes cleaning a lot simpler. It is especially very beneficial in the kitchen as there are a lot of chances of food and drinks spillage in the kitchen, so having an epoxy kitchen floor will make your life easy.


Most impurities, such as oil, bleach, gasoline, and other chemicals, have very less to no effect on Epoxy flooring. The epoxy surface can tolerate severe temperatures and are water resistant, in addition to being very resistant to chemical spills. Epoxy floors are also scratch resistant. The living room is one of the rooms to receive the most foot traffic, so it is very essential to have living room epoxy floor to ensure you have a resistant floor surface. Additionally, they are resistant to germs and bacteria, making them much easier to sterilize. Epoxy coating is utilized in clinics and hospitals for this reason.

Adds value to a home

Epoxy floor coatings give a place a more spacious and contemporary vibe. An epoxy coating will give your home’s untidy floor a more attractive appearance. The shining finish complements whatever ornamental lighting you have. When light bounces off the epoxy, the region takes on a new dimension. Mica or quartz decorative chips can be introduced to the epoxy solution for a scattered effect that also improves grip. This look has a lot of detail and additional components to catch light and glitter. Metallic epoxy coatings are also desirable options for boosting the glossy finish. Marble epoxy floors are also getting popular due to their classy looks. A house with residential epoxy flooring will enhance the overall beauty and value of the house.

Looks Beautiful

Using Epoxy resin in the bedroom or anywhere in your home makes it look super beautiful. The epoxy floor colors are super beautiful and can be customized as your choice. They have different patterns and beautiful designs and each design is unique. Metallic epoxy flooring is one of the most popular choices as it delivers unique designs every time. The beautiful and cool epoxy floor color enhances the beauty and reflects the light within the room.


Epoxy is a terrific technique to beautify your floor because it comes in a variety of colors. It may also be fitted with your choice of unique and stunning patterns and motifs. You no longer have to settle for plain old concrete. Also, there are a lot of options and beautiful designs on the garage floor. One of the most famous is the metallic epoxy garage floor and marble epoxy garage floor. Epoxy would be a fantastic, cost-effective solution to improve the look of your workplace or house.

Long lasting

Epoxy does not need to be reinstalled for a long time after the first installation. Because of its resilience to shock, water, and even stains, the coating lasts longer than tile, carpet, and wood floors. Because of its long-lasting and protective properties, epoxy’s look will persist for years. Epoxy is a realistic solution for preparing home floors and basements for long-term enjoyment if you want to construct flooring that you won’t have to repair often over time. The cost-effectiveness of this paint application is enhanced by its longevity.

Different Types Of Epoxy Flooring For Homes

These are the types of epoxy coatings that are best suited for your home:

How long does Residential Epoxy Flooring last?

In household settings, certain residential epoxy floor coverings have been known to last for 20 years.  Epoxy flooring’s lifetime is totally dependent on its installation process and how well it is maintained. The epoxy surface may endure decades if done by professionals and cared for properly. So, Epoxy floors in Residential setups are highly recommended. Having them in your home is one of the best investments you can make towards your home.

You can always ask for assistance from trustworthy residential epoxy flooring companies in your region for an expert or second opinion and to arrange for professional installation, which is a cost-efficient and long-term investment, if you’re thinking about installing epoxy coating in your house. We provide other services as well. Give us a call if you need assistance with residential epoxy flooring!

Residential Epoxy Floor Designs

residential epoxy flooring 1
residential epoxy flooring 2
residential epoxy flooring 3
residential epoxy flooring 4
residential epoxy flooring 5
residential epoxy flooring 6
residential epoxy flooring 7
residential epoxy flooring 8
residential epoxy flooring 9
residential epoxy flooring 10
residential epoxy flooring 11
residential epoxy flooring 12
residential epoxy flooring 13
residential epoxy flooring 14
residential epoxy flooring 15

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The images you see above are the epoxy floors installed by Best Coast Epoxy Coatings. We are so confident in our work that we are ready to give a lifetime warranty on the residential epoxy floors that we have installed. Our epoxy flooring specialists have over 15 years of experience. We can help you install any type of epoxy coating that you want. You can choose colors and designs that are fully customized for your home. We are very reliable. You can see our customer feedback to be sure. We offer both our products and our services at cheap rates.

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Frequently Asked Questions

On average, installing epoxy floors can cost somewhere between $4 and $10. But, it all depends on the type of epoxy floor you want. DIY installation can also decrease the overall cost but it may not be worth it. To get a more accurate answer, you have to contact professionals to get free estimates.

The main disadvantage of epoxy flooring is that it has a demanding installation process. To negate this issue, you have to hire professionals to do the job.

Epoxy floors in residential homes will last at least 10 years.

Epoxy floors look extravagant despite being a cost-effective option. They will give your home a modern and luxurious vibe. So, epoxy floors will definitely increase home value.


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