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As the name suggests, self leveling epoxy floor coating will flatten itself when applied to a concrete floor. When applied, the self leveling epoxy spreads out and fills all the cracks and fragments present on the floor. The self leveling epoxy creates a very smooth floor. Roller-applied epoxy coating will also create a smooth floor but may have some minor inconsistencies. But, that’s not the case with self-leveling epoxy. 

While mostly applied on a concrete floor, it can also be applied on porcelain tiles, marble flooring and cement-sand screed. You can find self leveling epoxy flooring system in variety of colors and designs.

Benefits Of Self Leveling Epoxy Coatings

Some of the benefits of self-leveling epoxy coatings are:


Epoxy is one of the most durable options for flooring as it can handle a huge amount of foot traffic and heavy machinery as well. It will last for years. Self-leaving epoxy floor is highly resistant to extreme heat and chemicals making them more durable than other epoxy floors. You can be assured of self leveling epoxy’s durability even when you are working in a lab with dangerous chemicals.

Shiny & Attractive Finish

Self-leveling epoxy results in a high gloss finish. They are shinier than other types of epoxy coatings. This is very pleasing to the eye and gives the floor a very attractive look. If needed, you can achieve mirror-like finish with a self-leveling epoxy. Since it is available in a variety of colors, you can make sure it blends well with the environment around it.

Slip Resistance

Despite being shiny, the floor provides a very good grip when self-leveling epoxies are applied to them. They can get slippery when they are extremely wet. But, there are good solutions to this problem.

Read our blog about How to make Epoxy floor not slippery

Easy To Clean

Every type of epoxy floor is easy to clean. But, self-leveling epoxy floor is even easier to clean. First of all, they do not get dirty easily. These floors resist bacterial agents like molds. It doesn’t require any high-level maintenance. Water cleansing is enough in most cases. You can also use soap just to be sure.

Applying Self Leveling Epoxy Coatings

The first part is identifying which color best fits the floor when you are applying the epoxy. Epoxy coating is made by mixing resin and hardener that comes in separate bottles. So, you have to mix them at a proper ratio before applying them.

installing self leveling epoxy floors

Before applying the epoxy coating, you also have to make sure that the surface is completely dust free and that there is no unwanted material present on the surface. After that apply the self leveling epoxy primer before the epoxy coating. Since the mixture of the hardener and the epoxy resin can harden quickly, it’s best to apply the coating in separate batches. First, apply the mixture in one area and again create the mixture for another part of the surface after that.

When installing the self-leveling epoxy floor, there is no need to use the roller after the coating is applied. But, this doesn’t make the process any easier. Actually, it is harder to install self-leveling epoxy floors because even a minor mistake can create huge problems.

So, instead of applying it yourself, you should look for professional help. 

Application Of Self leveling Epoxy Floors

Self leveling epoxy coatings are perfect for places that are exposed to highly dangerous chemical materials and need chemical-resistant flooring. These types of places include:

  • Pharmaceutical and chemical laboratories
  • Chemical factories and warehouses
  • Electronics manufacturing facilities
  • School and college laboratories
  • Data centers
  • Hospitals

Apart from that, they can also be used in places where slip resistance is important and where liquid spills are common. Such places include:

  • Cafeteria
  • Aircraft hangars and other aeronautics facilities
  • Athletic training facilities
  • Commercial kitchens

Because of its attractive nature various kinds of retail stores, showrooms, e.t.c. can use self leveling epoxy floors to attract customers.

Using Self Leveling On Epoxy Garage Floors

There are many benefits of using self leveling epoxy on garage floors. You can give your beautiful car a beautiful place to rest. They can also save you from falls in case any liquid has spilled out of the car.  

But, a normal epoxy is also very attractive and you do not need a showroom-like look for your personal garage.  Garage floors also do not need high-level chemical resistance. Also, most people remain careful inside a garage to avoid falls because of rare liquid spills which are rare. So, most people choose other kinds of epoxy flooring for garages. 

Disadvantages Of Self Leveling Epoxy Floors

These types of epoxy coatings need much more product. So, self leveling epoxy floors will cost more. But, some may believe that this cost is worth it.

The high gloss may be attractive to some. But, it may also create an unnecessary amount of glare that may be bad for your eyes.  In that case, other kinds of attractive epoxy floors like 3D epoxy floors may be a better option.

Frequently Asked Quetions

Concrete-based epoxy coating is not very thick. So, epoxy cannot fill up massive cracks. But, if you have minor chippings on your floor, it can certainly help.

Not every epoxy will self level. You need a special type of epoxy that is mixed with a hardener for self leveling attributes.

The thickness of self leveling is usually ⅛ inches.

If proper maintenance is done, the self leveling epoxy will last 10-20 years.

Yes, epoxy floors are waterproof. But, it may not end up being waterproof if they are not applied properly and if sub par products are used.

Table of Contents

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