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Top 5 Ways To Upgrade Your San Diego Home Garage On A Budget

Your garage can be a lot more than just a space to park your vehicles and dump items you don’t use regularly. With little upgrades, you could turn your garage into whatever you want it to be and then some. However, major upgrades that are about to be done in any part of a house will usually be perceived as a potentially huge expense, and as a result, will be put off most of the time.

5 Ways To Upgrade Your Garage On a Budget

So exactly how can one upgrade a garage on a budget? The 5 tips below should point you in the right direction.

1. Have A Plan

preparing for epoxy

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a step” is a quote that can be a source of motivation when it comes to upgrading your garage. If you intend to somehow turn your garage space into an edifice on a low budget, you’ll need some degree of planning and decent research. There are tons of websites online with schemes, designs, and suggestions that would help you get an idea of what you need and how to go about bringing your ideas to life.

You can also get a couple of friends to help you out, who can give you more ideas and advise you on their experiences. This way, you are sure of the items you need and their cost beforehand. A visit to the local store should be all you need and you are good to go.

2. Do Some Spring Cleaning

If you are like most people, your garage or storage space will be due for some cleaning. Start with eliminating bugs, leaves and dirt that could have been blown in by the wind. Your original plan or idea of what the upgrade will be like should help you decide on how far you go with the cleaning.

3. Shake Things Up A Bit

Here, your goal should be to change the look of the space, like painting the walls to make the space look brighter (contrasting colors do help a lot in this case). You can also replace the doors, if need be, and do some work on the floor design.

garage concrete as base for epoxy

Depending on your original idea, a cement or epoxy floor could be a good fit for transforming a bad garage floor. Then you can decorate the newly painted walls with frames (if you have any) or designs and pictures that suit your style.

Don’t forget to insulate your garage. Transforming it into a cool spot in winter and warm in summer will enable you to enjoy hanging around in there year-around. Good insulation will also save you quite a chunk of money in the long run.

In addition, upgrading your garage door is a must. After all, they are in plain sight when your family or guests arrive for a visit and a freshly painted garage door will certainly make a better impression of your entire home.

Once upgrading is done, consider installing a garage lift. If money isn’t a problem, a garage lift will enable you to park two cars and still have enough space to do some work on them, if you’re a keen mechanic enthusiast. Better still, maybe a practical and well-organized, comfortable and pleasant environment might get you to start a new hobby – car restoration?

It’s fun, creative and lucrative way of pursuing your interest in cars and car mechanics. On the way, you are bound to found new friends who share the same interests so you can exchange ideas, fun times, jokes and a few cold ones.

4. Have A Garage Sale

You may not like this idea, but it might be necessary if you intend to successfully upgrade your garage and get some extra cash along the way. Look for those items with no sentimental value lying dormant in your garage and prepare to get rid of them. Ask yourself if you’ve used the item in the past year, and if you haven’t, then it should go.

It may not be easy to part with some items, but your garage will need the extra space if you are going to upgrade. And also, it will give you more money toward the upgrade. With such a cleanup, you can easily upgrade to an epoxy garage floor in San Diego.

5. Create Decent Storage Space and Consider Garage Floor Epoxy Improvement

Your original idea for a design must include storage areas. Most times, these spaces help to bring the much-needed organization to your garage. Things like pegboards, storage bins, cabinets, and ceiling bike hooks are options you can always explore. Most importantly, they are pretty cheap to install.

grey epoxy floor in garageIn most people’s garages, tools and accessories simply hang on the walls. It may be easy to locate what you need that way but it inevitably leads to your precious tools gathering dust. Some sensitive tools may even get damaged and won’t work well because of the dust.

Have you ever thought of installing wall cabinets where you can have all your garage stuff neatly organized and well protected at the same time? Wooden, aluminum or other metal cabinets are not expensive to be installed but will make a world of difference.

It doesn’t matter how you decide to set up your garage. What matters is whether it suits your needs and that of your family. You want a place that you will enjoy hanging out in, working on your car, building things, or that your family can enjoy as an interesting addition to your home. Everything will be in its proper place and you will always be able to find what you need.

So, with a little effort and a carefully planned sound investment you can upgrade your garage to give it a new look and feel with amazing epoxy flooring where your car, bicycles, tools, and other items will fit in neatly stored and pretty to look at.

Having a coffee in there with your family and friends and having your precious vehicles and tools in a cool environment will surely make your day!