Epoxy flooring looks fantastic. That’s one of the first things people notice in addition to its durability, strength, and easy maintenance. While many of us have seen Epoxy Flooring in stores, studios, or -most commonly- garages, they are not always aware of the name, how it is applied, or whether or not it is right for their needs.

Epoxy Flooring is a floor coating meant to transform spaces from boring, plain concrete, without needing to resort to a more temporary and penetrable acrylic flooring. The benefits of Epoxy are an adhesive bond that holds strong against concrete surfaces and protects them from chemical spills, to common household products, or grime and grease.

Frequently used in garage spaces, the Epoxy surface resists scrapes, scratches, and the wear and tear of tires, repairs, or everyday use. Epoxy is strong enough to be used in warehouses, factories, and industrial areas.

Your favorite sport’s car will look a lot better atop an Epoxy Flooring. Indeed, if you visit a garage space which has utilized Epoxy, you notice immediately. The appearance is one that is more polished, attractive, and utilizable of a space. Epoxy takes a dirty, ordinary garage and turns it into a room deserving of its contents.

What Is Epoxy Made Out Of: The substance of Epoxy is a combination of hardeners and resin. The combines materials create a plastic material that is rigid and resistant to environmental degradation from air, water, soil, or chemicals and wear and tear.

While all Epoxy flooring is a huge leap up from concrete and a big step up from Acrylic, Epoxy is not a one type fit all effort. Within Epoxy there are variations to fit the customer’s needs. These include: Self Leveling, Anti-Static, Terrazzo, Graveled, Mortar, Flaked, and Self Dispersing.

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